We provide our students with a variety of services. Packages and prices are listed below.

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Courses/Lessons Packages

Full course $549+tax (Special Price)

  • 10 hours of in car lessons in our car with a dual break
  • 20 hours In-class lesson over 4 days (5hrs each day)
  • 10 hours home work (done in a homework book)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, certification is available

In Car only package $350+hst

  • 10 Hours of in car lessons in our car equipped with a dual break, booked in 1 or 2 hr sessions

In Car lessons by the hour

1 hour lesson $40+hst

2 hour lesson $80+ hst

  • In car lesson in our car equipped with a dual break
  • you can choose how many you want to take
  • the listed price is for Kitchener , Waterloo lessons
  • contact the office for other cities

ALL Road Tests

  • Includes 1 hr of practise the day of the road test
  • use of our car for your road test
  • all of our cars are equipped with a dual breaking system

     *G2 Road Test

  • KITCHENER $115+hst
  • other cities please contact the office

     *G Road Test

  • KITCHENER $150+hst
  • other cities please contact the office

Training Experts in Ministry\MTO approved BDE Course Provider

Driver’s educational course can be successfully completed with the help of professional instructors. Driver Education Program should be planned in such a way that each and every student gets benefit from the course. Students who have completed age sixteen can learn driving from the training experts. All the instructors of “Dad’s driving school” are graduates in “Driver Instructor Program” from renowned colleges. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and MTO approve their driving lessons. All kinds of requirements regarding licensing and permitting is done by a Professional Driving School in Canada called Dad’s driving school.

Driving classes are taken by instructors who have several years of expertise in this field. Flexible class timings from early morning till evening are also an added benefit to join this driving school. Driver Academy Services of the instructors make them to design the driving lessons that suits people of any age and make them to improve their driving skills and knowledge.

Driving lessons are taught in cars with dual mirrors and twin brake pedals to ensure the safety of the students. Safety certified and fully insured cars are only used to take driving lessons. This Ministry\MTO approved BDE Course Provider has a record of success of teaching students to be responsible and law abiding citizens. Drink and drive cause many accidents so we must take an oath to follow the traffic rules. The consequences faced when the rules are not followed will also be taught by them. Training for obtaining a heavy vehicle license is done by them.

The educational program is for total 40 hours with 20 hours in theory and classroom lessons and 10 hours of in car driving private instruction and 10 hours of extensible home link works. The payment for driving lesson will be $450+HST which can be paid in easy installments. For road test in Guelph 100$+HST is charged. Training is done on one on one basis so each student can be focused. In car private driving instructions are provided for a minimum of 10 hours to ensure they get a G2 license. Cars are provided in rental for G1 exit road test. For more details regarding payment visit website.

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